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Who is most likely to respond? Where can you find (more of) them?  What creative approach will lift response?  Each of these questions (and more) must be answered and regularly reassessed.  The difficulty is that each question requires a separate knowledge base to answer thoughtfully.

At American Direct, when we say “campaign strategy,” what we are really talking about is a series of strategic decisions that are linked together to create a compelling marketing campaign.

From creative development to proofreading, printing logistics to programmatic media buys, and list sourcing to predictive analytics, we have specialized teams dedicated to every aspect of our clients' campaigns.

For over 40 years this holistic approach has been the core factor to our clients' success.

Our teams

Effective marketing strategy and execution requires precision and comprehensive knowledge.  Our tenured staff of 85 is small enough to be nimble, large enough to handle any size campaign, and deep enough to provide unrivaled expertise.

Account Services

Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Management team lead by a Senior Account Executive. Together they orchestrate and manage the campaign from top to bottom.

Creative Services

There are psychological motivators driving every decision consumers make.  That’s why our creative process begins by identifying the psychological framework which will generate the highest response. The result: copy, offer, format, and design elements which are seamlessly brought together with careful stage management.

Digital and Email Marketing

This team defines the digital and email strategy, executes the campaigns, and manages mid-flight optimization for single channel, multi-channel, and co-branded affinity campaigns.

Co-Branded Affinity Marketing

Co-branded affinity marketing is highly productive when its complexity is approached properly. This team applies their extensive experience to ensure that our clients are getting the most from their partnerships.

Campaign Analytics

In a world where data pools have turned into data lakes, it’s more important than ever to determine specifically what data is important to you. Whether it’s predictive analytics or post-campaign analysis, our data science team will cut through the noise to help clients make science-based decisions.

List Sourcing

Our list sourcing group has access to hundreds of high-quality lists representing hundreds of millions of consumers across the U.S. and Canada. Because we’ve tracked the performance of these lists for years, we understand which lists are the best fit for your goals.

Print Logistics

We can print and mail programs of any quantity, in any format, in any U.S. state or Canadian province. To make that happen, we manage a large network of printing and mailing production providers across the United States. This team specializes in quick turnarounds while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Business Development

At American Direct, we are always working to find new ways to bolster our clients' campaigns. This team is tasked with creating new opportunities for our clients.

Delivery & Postage Optimization

Postage is often the most expensive line item for any direct mail campaign. This team spends 100% of their time achieving maximum postage savings for our clients and managing the tracking and delivery of mail on every campaign.


This team manages the financial aspects of our campaigns to ensure accuracy.


This team oversees day-to-day operations at American Direct.


Grammar and spelling errors are a surefire way to decrease response. That’s why we have a dedicated, in-house proofreading team involved in every project from beginning to end.

Information Technology

Data security is more important today than ever and American Direct takes it very seriously. This team continually monitors and manages the IT backbone that facilitates and secures everything that American Direct does.

Data Services

High-quality data is essential to increase deliverability and eliminate wasted spend. This team ensures data is clean and current, and that the testing strategy is executed as defined by the Account Services team.

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