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We specialize in business-to-consumer direct response marketing. Our clients’ campaigns span a wide range of verticals. But as you’ll see, no matter the industry, audience, or objective, our time-proven processes yield exceptional results.

We don’t apply “templates.” When you work with American Direct, you’ll receive engaging, targeted campaigns individually developed to suit your brand.

Co-branded affinity marketing drives growth

Project Overview

An innovative home security company wanted to grow their customer base with co-branded affinity marketing.

American Direct launched a partnership with our client and a major U.S. airline and developed a creative package that harnessed the power of the newly minted partnership.


Not only did the creation of the airline partnership open the door to a profitable new acquisition channel, the package American Direct created lifted response by 22% over the control package.

Highly targeted multichannel campaign lifts conversion

Project Overview

A top telecommunications company desired an innovative way to increase market share within a specific customer segment.

A target segment was identified by the client as being strategically important. American Direct was tasked with developing segment-specific creative for a multi-channel marketing campaign. The test was designed to clearly show the increase in conversions generated by combining digital along with direct mail.


The addition of digital lifted conversion by 15% over direct mail alone.

Big creative win in head-to-head test with competing agency

Project Overview

A Fortune 500 company wanted to scale a new membership program quickly.

The client hired American Direct to participate in a head-to-head test against their agency of record, a globally recognized agency. We took a unique creative approach which embodied the premium membership experience.


American Direct’s strategy and creative outperformed the other agency by 417%.

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A fresh strategic approach drives significant improvement
Project Overview

A top state university was in need of successful marketing initiatives that would increase enrollments in its study abroad program.

American Direct designed, developed, and executed a marketing strategy and a new creative concept with the purpose of engaging the student body and their parents.


This strategy — a departure from the university’s traditional marketing model — resulted in a 15% conversion rate. This was a significant increase in student participation and “truly transformed the study abroad program.”

The right predictive model makes all the difference
Project Overview

A successful travel assistance membership service with more than 30 years of experience wanted to increase member acquisitions through better direct mail predictive analytics.

American Direct developed a predictive model that was tested against the client’s selection methods, which had been refined over their three-decade history.


American Direct’s model was two times as effective at identifying responders. This provided a 200% increase in revenue while holding steady the cost to acquire.

Adding direct mail to digital marketing delivers meaningful results
Project Overview

An online investment firm was looking to add offline marketing to their digital-only strategy in order to increase conversions.

American Direct developed a direct mail strategy that would leverage the synergies of a predictive model and creative concept working together. A predictive model identified high-responders and predicted which areas of the country would be most responsive. The mail package was then developed to speak specifically to the client’s target audience.


The results clearly showed that the addition of direct mail to a digital marketing mix increased conversion by 25.5%.

A major insurance company gets a lot more leads...for less
Project Overview

A major property and casualty insurance company needed a method for significantly increasing the number of inbound phone calls to their call center while maintaining profit objectives.

American Direct developed a brand-new creative approach to communicate the benefits of the client’s product. The resulting package was a clear, clean, and highly persuasive approach to encouraging prospective customers to request a quote.


We exceeded the client’s expectations by providing a 50% lift in conversion and decreasing the cost per policy by 22% compared to the control package.

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